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www.11933.com,融合设计、艺术与精工匠艺,意式剪裁,提供西服定制个性化服务 ,ITALORwww.11933.com,全手工制版与制作,满足您的个性化需求。

从窗格纹到细条纹、人字斜纹到亲王纹,ITALOR 拥有琳琅满目的品牌专属面料,恒久与季节系列包括众多配色与图纹组合,定制您的个人风格。

除面料外,您还可以选择服装的审美细节。 简而言之如:夹克风格、翻领样式、开衩、纽扣与衬里等元素将被一一确定。

设计确定后,面料将经过手工剪裁与粗缝,在全毛衬的廓形上制成。 每款 ITALOR西服需要超过22小时的精工制作,约6000次的手工缝制。

ITALOR 西服竭尽全力准确剪裁,成就轻如羽翼、垂顺自然的无暇单品。 ITALOR 西服,代言男装。


Chongqing yisaijiang Clothing Design Co., Ltd. integrates design, art and Seiko craftsmanship, Italian tailoring, and provides personalized services. Italor yisaijiang customized Chongqing handmade suits, all hand-made plates and production, to meet all your needs.

Pane texture 、Fine stripe 、Herringbone 、Infante grain,ITALOR have a wide range of brand exclusive fabrics ,lasting and season series includes many combinations of color and graphics, customize your personal style.

In addition to fabric ,you can also choose the aesthetic details of clothing ,just as Jacket style 、Lapel style 、vents or not 、button and lining ,all of them will be determined one by one.

After design is determined ,fabric will be hand cut and preliminary sewing ,the profile will be made in the wool lining .Ever one ITALOR custom will spend more than 22 hours of Seiko production and about 6000 times by hand sewing.

ITALOR custom strain every nerve to cut it accurately ,establish our customs are light as wings, vertical and natural. ITALOR custom ,For Endorsement excellence Menswear.

ITALOR service cover custom suits、full dress、jacket、Overcoat、dress shirt、necktie、leather shoes 、Custom jeans.

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